Morild IceNav - Certified Polar Code simulator

The Morild IceNav simulator is the perfect tool for training deck officers to navigate in polar waters. This cost-effective training solution is based on VR technology which means that you get low hardware cost and high mobility. In other words – you can do training from your office desk or onboard.

Our IceNav simulator has an instructor module where the instructor can control weather and daylight, add vessels to the scenario, change location, add props and voice communication with operators. 

The simulator allows for multiple operators and vessels. The operators navigate by visuals and/or using ice radar and ECDIS – depending on weather conditions. You can have multiple operators on the same bridge and voice communication between them. In addition, you can also have multiple vessels and crew with communication between them in the same scenario. Our ice simulation model features realtime collision and fracturing.

The Morild IceNav is developed in close co-operation with leading operators in polar areas. The simulator can be delivered as a portable system or as conventional stationary solution.