The Morild Builder - create your own scenarios


The Morild Builder allows you to create your own scenarios and build your own eco-system. If your need is a simulator with complex scenarios and/or the opportunity to make multiple scenarios, the Morild Builder will often be an integrated part of the delivery.

In training the instructor will make scenarios with the Builder which then is transferd to the simulator and its operators. To give an extra dimension to scenarios you can also incorporate live data, as ship traffic, car traffic, flight traffic etc.

Terrain and ocean geography is imported from official map datasets, giving a highly realistic training environment. You can also adjust time of day, weather conditions, wave spectrum, wind and current direction/force.

The incoprorated playback functionality allows you review sessions to evaluate what you operators have done, and then use the examples in further training.

The Morild Builder is also a perfect platform for building your own eco-system where you can visualize your universe and data - to understand and solve problems. This digital twin let you test and deliver services in an innovative manner which ultimately saves money and improves your services.

From micro level to scenario