Training solutions

Our core expertise is developing high quality training solutions. The Morild training solutions significantly reduces cost, risk and provides structured learning based on your business best practice.

All our solutions run on our Morild SimVis platform, delivering the highest quality simulation, visualization and interaction solution available.

Operational Training

Morild Interaktiv have a long track record delivering state of the art training simulators with several exercise moments and comprehensive scenarios. The simulators are developed in close co-operation with our customers - solving their needs for operational training.

Developing training simulators based upon your business best practice gives your personnel consistent structured learning – each and every time. Simulator technology also provides you with a higher training volume compared to accessing actual equipment. In addition - our simulators delivers extremely high degree of realism both in operation, simulation and visual experience.

Morild training simulators can be delivered as highly mobile units using VR technology, desktop solutions and traditional multi screen or dome solutions. It all depends on your needs. They feature multi-user support, so that people situated in different locations around the world can train together in the same scenario.

Read more about our bridge simulator Morild Navigator here, and our Polar Code compliant ice navigation simulator Morild IceNav here.

Product training

Simulators for product training is the perfect bridge between classroom theory and the actual product. Many of our customers also choose to deliver a simulator together with their product, strengthening their overall delivery.

We develop training simulators for specific products both for landbased and offshore industry. The simulators are tailored to the actual product operation and specified training moments. By using our platform, you can also merge several product simulators into a common training eco-system.

Further advantages:

  • Low cost training of operators

  • Reduced training risks

  • Easy localisation

  • Unique selling point for your product

Sales & Demonstration

Simulator technology is the perfect tool to enhance your market efforts – especially if used in the right manner. Combining our experience and simulator tools with your in-depth knowledge of your business  - we build a competitive edge second to none.

We help our customers to gain advantages by being first to market using virtual prototyping. Simulator technology makes it easy to demonstrate complex products and solutions, and is a great way to pinpoint your unique selling points.

In addition to all of this, the technology itself is very exciting – you get a lot of enthusiasm from both your customers and your employees.

Morild Builder

With the Morild Builder the user can create, control and manipulate complex scenarios in realtime. The application is also used as instructor station during scenario training, and for playback analysis in debriefing. It can also be used as a tool to plan operations.

Highlighted features:

  • Complex voyage path editing for target vessels

  • Realtime weather parameters, sea state and time of day control

  • Wind and ocean current parameter control

  • Vessel equipment configurator

  • Ocean surface on/off toggle

  • Playback functionality for review and analysis

We are currently working on implementing ice field layout, behaviour and characteristics editing functionality to support our Morild IceNav simulator.