Rolls-Royce Marine

Virtual Ship Intelligence Lab

Simulator used for developing, testing and presenting new products and solutions. The facility is located at Norwegian Maritime Competence Center. The lab is a important component in the ongoing development of autonomous ships.

Nor-Shipping 2015/2017 & SMM Hamburg 2016

The main attraction on the Rolls-Royce Marine stand at Nor-Shipping 2015/2017 and SMM in Hamburg 2016 was the bridge simulator featuring both conventional video wall and VR mode. At Nor-Shipping 2017 we introduced state of the art hand tracking technology produced by our partner Leap Motion Inc. to the VR-simulator.

Mobile VR-Simulators

Our mobile VR-simulators enables Rolls-Royce to demonstrate their products and solutions on-site with practical application for their customers.

Dynamic Positioning Trainers

These trainers are used for product training in Rolls-Royce Marine dynamic positioning (DP) systems. They are located at Rolls-Royce training centers around the world.

!NEW Hololens_LowRes.jpg

Holographic Virtual Vessel

in Desember 2016 we developed our first Microsoft Hololens application for Rolls-Royce Marine. It features the new Hurtigruten vessel design where the user can explore the vessel exterior design and enter x-ray mode to explore the vessels interior systems.

Product familiarization apps

Interactive apps for iPad, where the user can explore different product and systems on vessel.