The Arctic University of Norway chooses Morild IceNav / by Jim L. Hansen

Morild IceNav VR-simulator has been preferred by the northern most university in Norway for ice navigation training. The University of Tromsø (UiT) has nearly 20.000 students and is recognised to deliver cutting-edge knowledge on arctic environment, safety and digital competence in education.

Morild Interaktiv is proud to collaborate with the highly competent nautical team at UiT. They strive for technological solutions that promote broad and inclusive social development and a diverse business development in the north. Technology which solves challenges related to health, the external environment and safety and operations in Arctic regions.

Students and the research society at UiT will use Morild IceNav simulator for navigation training in polar waters, navigation at night, communication between ice breaker and vessel, and to evaluate ice concentration in specific areas. The simulator is equipped with a fully functional bridge for manoeuvring including ice radar, and will also enable UiT to explore the use of VR in simulation and visualisation as a part of their ongoing research.

The background for the co-operation between Morild Interaktiv and UiT is the increased shipping traffic in polar areas, which demands training of crew members to handle navigation in ice. Minimum requirements for the training and qualifications of deck officers on ships operating in polar waters has also become mandatory.

Morild IceNav is a high quality cost-effective training solution based on VR technology which results in low hardware cost and high mobility. In other words – you can do training at any location.

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Video capture from Ice Navigation VR simulator. Click video above to play.

Story about our VR simulators in Norwegian National Television (NRK). Click video above to play.