Learning by doing / by Jim L. Hansen

It is a fact that learning by doing is the most effective way to learn new procedures. This has R. Stahl Tranberg, a major supplier of helideck illumination systems, acknowledged and developed a stunning VR simulator for assembly of helideck lightning.

Together with R. Stahl Tranberg Morild Interaktiv have developed a mobile VR-simulator tailored for installation guidance of helideck lightning. The Helideck system from R. Stahl Tranberg includes, Circle & H, illuminated windsocks, flood-, perimeter-, status- and obstruction lights and control systems. The simulator allows you to familiarize with the products, assemble and control lights on a platform.

It is a growing trend in using VR-simulator technology as a manual for assembly and operation. R. Stahl Tranberg have operators in all corners of the world, and a mobile VR-simulator is a perfect tool to demonstrate how products are assembled and operated. In addition, it is perfect for sales and demonstration.

The VR simulator gives the user a full 360 degree view which make assembly of the helideck system extremely realistic. In addition, you can pick up and study each component in exploded view. The instructor can change sea state, visibility and toggle between day and night modes, and make you experience how the lights work from a helicopter – which also adds to the realism. All done by using an app on cell phone.

Morild Interaktiv is proud to co-operate with R. Stahl Tranberg. Since the company was established in 1901 in Stavanger, Norway - the TRANBERG name have been associated with quality. Through most of its 115 years of operation, the company has been challenged by the Norwegian ship building industry to develop and manufacture durable electro-mechanical products for marine applications. As the oil and gas industry built up its activity in the North Sea in the 70’s TRANBERG became an active partner for this industry and developed a wide range of electro-mechanical products for use in hazardous areas (Ex-products). 

Today R. Stahl Tranberg AS is a part of R. Stahl group, a leading supplier of products, systems and services for explosion protection and system safety worldwide. The company has decades of experience and offers explosion protection and safety technology in all forms, be it LED lighting, control boxes, signalling devices or monitoring equipment. 

The VR-helideck simulator was first launched at the Nor-shipping exhibit in June.

Video capture from VR simulator. Click video above to play.